Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy’s Place

A Happy Place (Happy’s Place)
Copyright 2010 by Rick Cheadle
Tempo =116 intro - D-C-D-C-D-C-D-C

(D)When I got to work this morning
there was a (G)big sign on the door
(D)out of business is all it said
I felt my (A) heart fall to the floor
(D)I closed my eyes and shook my head
I put my (G) hands to my red face
(D)I tried to do what my (G)mama said
and put my (A)mind in a Happy (D)Place

Though life is (G)tough sometimes it seems
I won't let it (D)get the best of me
I'm gonna (A) take my mamas (G)advice
And (A)go to a Happy Place (D)

There's a (G)man named Happy Dupree
He pours the (D)strongest drinks in Tennessee
Just a (A) tiny shack on the (G)edge of town
They call it (A)“Happy’s Place” (D)

I’m going down to Happys Place - Don’t wait for me cause I’ll be late
I’m going down to Happys Place - jukebox always playin some Strait
Where there’s always a familiar face - Down at Happys Place

So I started my own business
I hang my own sign on a door
It’s kinda funny how it all worked out
No time clock punching anymore
I still work hard and play even harder
Still running in life’s rat race
still lookin for fun When the workday is done
I’m heading down to Happy’s Place

(F)We all relax in our own way. We all move at different speeds (G)
Medication, meditation, sedation (A) or just a trip to good ol’ Dupree’s

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